php, mysql and Seti

Having just installed php, mysql and apache on my Trustix server (checks mirror for signs of hair loss and greying…) I have been fiddling about with some php Seti based stats scripts.

So… does this work??

And you can append it with ?email=your@email.address to see your stats e.g. if you want to check your own stats.

And this?

Does anyone know of any more decent php/mysql based Seti stat logging scripts?

Seems to work

Your stats looked like this to me

Results: 12,114 WU’s
Total CPU Time: 13.252 Years
Avg. CPU Time: 9 hr 34 min 58.8 sec
Last result returned: Fri Jul 18 21:07:54 2003 UTC
Registered on: Fri Aug 27 23:43:30 1999 UTC
Rank out of 4,586,718 members: 8,632
Members with same rank: 1

Thanks. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was working remotely.

It even managed to look up the stats for other accounts quite happily as well.
Good stuff!

It take no credit for the coding. I can hardly program the microwave.:rolleyes:

very smart - I’ve been looking into doing a similiar project for a vt-darts homepage, rather than just using the counters as we do now.

My aim is to produce a mini-statomatic for just vt-darts member, if I ever get the time to try…


The code for the wu counter can be found here:

It is quite easy to manipulate even for a non-programmer like me.:smiley: