php photo gallery recommendations

I’m in need of a PHP/MySQL based photo gallery app.

Doesn’t need to be anything too special as we’ll probably disable any commenting/rating/etc. type features. What is important is that it’s easy to intergrate into an existing site. It’ll be sitting on this page:

Any recommendations? I’ve used slooze in the past and actually really liked it but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to like my php/mysql versions. Any others?

I’m after the same thing, anything that works with phpBBforfree.

Don’t know if it works with phpBBforfree, but Coppermine gallery is fab :nod:

This is mine if you wanna have a look at it - :slight_smile:

Site for downloading it/info etc -

Again, not sure it this is what you need but i use Gallery from and managed to get it working, which is saying something :lol:

I’m still on version 1 mind…

You can set a slide show up to run just using html if you want to keep it simple. using site forwarding in the page headers. I’ve got a freebie app supplied with a printer somewhere. I’ll have a look when I’m home later on.

thumbs up here for coppermine also

cool cheers :slight_smile: