phpBB2 Installation...

Has anyone any experience of installing phpBB2 with an MS SQL 6.5 backend database?

Been given the lovely job of doing this at work and my test install is failing with:

odbc_exec(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 3: Incorrect syntax near '['., SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\phpbb2\db\mssql-odbc.php on line 171

Any ideas since I speak neither php nor SQL? :shrug:

What is on line 171 of this file C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\phpbb2\db\mssql-odbc.php

At a guess I would say the format of your connection string is wrong.

I discovered later on last night that the back end on the live server is SQL7 and not 6.5 as I had been told :rolleyes:

So, I’ve given up on it until Monday morning although I’ve a strong suspicion that phpBB2 requires SQL7 anyhoo. :shrug:

Why don’t you just use a proper database? :wink:

spooky, I’m trying to set this up myself, just for kicks, but I duno when Database I have running of the addresses, so I’m waiting for my Bro (who the hosting is through) to get back to me…

Originally posted by barcode
[B]Why don’t you just use a proper database? :wink: [/B]

Two words: “Company Policy” :frowning:

A while back, a colleague was tasked with writing a web-based stock reporting system. He sat it on an RH7.3/Apache server and is currently running round trying to find someone with a 2k/IIS5 server to migrate it to because the powers that be have found out and want it shut down :rolleyes:

@Dammo - currently in the middle of a remote upgrade to MS SQL7, might have an answer to that question in about 3 hours :wink:

I prefer MySQL as the database medium.

For my needs it fits in with external site hosting

Direct DB access not needed just FTP up and run
enter database details and database is autofilled.

For developement I run MySQL + PHP install + Php enabled
simplistic web server on my PC so I can create and mess
as needed then when happy FTP changed files up to main site.

Well, I think I have mine running ‘just’ just a matter of messing about now to see what I can do…

deffo up :slight_smile: