Picks? - All Blacks v Australia

Australia 28
All Blacks 25

Goes against the grain picking the opposition but…
I think the AB’s are going to come back to earth with a thud after last week’s thrashing of SA. They didn’t play as well as they think they did…
The trip from SA to Aus is pretty tiring…
Justin Marshall is half-back (scrum-half) and passes like a Trabby on the autobahn. You’ve got all the speedsters out wide and the ball arrives to the first five with 2 opposition loosies attached…
Carlos can’t kick goals…
And the players are busy thinking about money, not rugby.

Hope I am wrong :rolleyes:

:chin: I have to say AB’s - probably by about 10 points. I just don’t rate Australia at the moment. If you think AB’s didn’t play all that well against SA just think how badly Australia played the previous week! :lol:

Aw Ok that settles it then, can’t have the missus in a mood can we? Hang on…what about MINE???

sheesh, i hate to say this :puke: but … ABs by 6+ :headbang: we just haven’t found a good mix yet and those rolling pom mauls flummoxed 'em something awful

perhaps we both should emigrate ike?

yeah m8! It’s the Seyschelles for me, as soon as I work out how to make $100K lying on a beach drinking ice colds…<ike drifts off into dream world, rudely awoken by bucket of cold water applied over cranium>

Don’t worry guys, one day your rugby teams will work out how the game is meant to be played - all they have to do is watch videos of England’s last few matches… :moon: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

OK I’ll bite!!!:smiley: :smiley:

England, having at last discovered the additional 5 players in the team, having a fly-half who kicks goals everytime he :bigdump: 's, and with an oversized pack of forwards fed on Yorkshire pud and :spam: , have managed to string together a few wins and briefly caught up with the Southern Hemisphere. They now claim to have invented the game…:rolleyes:

Well enjoy it while you can…:chuckle: :chuckle:

For all us tragics
re: last weeks NZ v SA game

NZers are passionate about their sport

Some serious, some funny voting here about tonights game,
and results from early in the year.


Originally posted by ike
[B]Australia 28
All Blacks 25

Goes against the grain picking the opposition but…

snip a load of absolute twaddle

Hope I am wrong :rolleyes: [/B]

ahem. AHEM!!! A BLOODY HEM!!!

All Blacks smash the Aussies 50-21 well done NZ :smiley:

Originally posted by Karlloss
All Blacks smash the Aussies 50-21 well done NZ :smiley:


Fine result for the AB’s! :nod:

World Cup should be interesting! :chin:

Bloody amazing result. It is hard to carp at 50 points vs Aus, and yet the A Bs didn’t play an outstanding game. The lineouts were a shambles, and Justin Marshall played like an old woman (I suspect he in fact IS one).
My biggest worry is that we are peaking too early - Aus will bounce back from that come World Cup time…

Worst result EVER - a record total by the ABs against the Wobbalies and they sure have got the rots now - with losses to Eng, SA and now NZ
bloody hell - hope they pick their game up before the big Cup in October
Still, Rogers and Sailor did OK (strangely, both are NRL defectors)
Bloody Gregan always takes two steps back from the scrum/maul thus giving his fly-half less space - no wonder he only passed once sheeeeesh

Hey, ike, you owe me a beer for wrong guessing and then for having something caught in your throat !

i’m disgusted and need something to drown my sorrow

With a ying, and a yang, and a yabbidy-doo!

Mate, it only comes better than that if it comes again in November…I will personally mail you a beer…

Perhaps this is Aussie psychological warfare - everyone thinks they’re going to rubbish cos of their recent results and then they start playing properly come the RWC! :chin:

Well, doesn’t much matter to England - we’ll have to beat both Aus & NZ to win the cup. :doh: Just hope we can smash the Boks in the pool stages. :smiley: