PIfast Challenge details, Aquamark3 and 3DMark2005 scorechart


hp compaq nx9105 A64 3000 with GF4-440

3d mark2001se score 5963

Aquamark CPU 7,988
Aquamark GFX …948 <- could have drawn it quicker with pen and paper

So, you would think not a gamer, yet plays the only game I really play good enough for me (UT any variant) and makes a stonking cruncher. That’s the highest CPU score of any of my non-dedicated crunchers.



Nice. Did you just buy that one?

What does it do on PCMark04?


just ran it just for you :moon: :lol:

2195 (on batteries) !!
3180 (ac power)



I feel sooooooooooooooo special. :slight_smile:

My little 5 lb Turion lappy gets 2900 on AC. My graphics is shite, but the CPU is pretty fast.


we got pretty similiar spec machine then all in all, poor gfx but the grunt where it’s needed (well for my line of work, I know where I need it)

+I never would have brought an A64 just for crunching now would I :Plot: :chin: :chuckle:



Just rebuilt my rig and not really started playing yet.

Aquamark: 87,766
3DMark05: 11,534


Update: Aquamark now 104,530 (gfx 19,854 cpu 11,039)

3DMark01 29,990
3DMark03 28,106
3DMark05 12,425


1st Poster… :slight_smile:

Does this put me somewhere up on the list for a 9800Pro?


AQM3 - 51,859
3DM05 - 3087


Hmmm… after my 9700pro died a few weeks ago i now have an 800XT running in my main.

AQM3 : ~62000
3D05: 5271

Havent tried oc’ing that baby but lets see…


3dmark06 = 7502 all hail


updated benchies…
3dmark 05 7654

3dmark 06 4188

GFX 15186
CPU 10359

X2 3800+ @ 2350
evga 7800GT @ 470/1100


Just had a play with 3Dmark06 Score = 3289 quite happy considering.

SM2.0 score = 1407 / HDR/SM3.0 score = 1422 / CPU score = 944

Single core A64 @ 2.4Ghz with the AGP NV 7800 GS OC

New CPU Score = 3800

SM2.0 score = 1457 / HDR/SM3.0 score = 1462 / CPU score = 1987

Dualcore opty A64 @ 2.65Ghz with the AGP NV 7800 GS OC


First run on the new box, 102633

Core2Duo E6400, 2GB Team PC6400, Asus 7800GTX TOP, all at stock :).



Core2Duo E6400 @ 8x400, Team 2GB PC6400 @ 1:1 4-4-4-10, Asus 7800GTX TOP @ stock

Still at stock voltages, plenty more to eek out :).

Time for you to get that X1950XT out Alta!


As its getting colder again, I’m getting an urge to have another go at overclocking and benching. Time to get some new systems onto this list… who’s with me?


I did update the lists etc a few weeks ago, didn’t find anywhere to host it… I’ll try and dig out my isps webspace :p.


how about something like pifast.teamphoenixrising.net ?



I think for a pifast form of benchmark we’ll need something new, I believe Paul said cheating was rife and it wasn’t worth doing anymore.


Pifast unfortunatly is fatally flawed and cheatable :frowning:

That’s why I ceased doing it on Hexus and the fact In its hay day It was
just me updating the thing to the point it got too much to do.

I still receive the submission emails, even though there not going into the
database so i’m still getting some valid up todate entries.

However most of the Hexus ones are Spam submissions like our spam bots registering here :frowning:

People over at extremsystems moved on to newer custom programmed -uncheatable progs more in line with superpi and I think maybe even superpi was
updated to incorporate server side time checking (I think DT will understand what I mean there in VB / Dot-net terms ).


How long would the old SETI benchmark take nowadays?