Pinkys Progress

The fridge is cold and holds 36 cans of Stella

Spotlights are on the custom fabricated roof rack

The radiator appears not to be leaking anymore which is a bonus, just going for a road test.
Its warmed up on the drive a bit but a V8 on a single cherrybomb starts the curtains twitching with ever increasing ferocity after a few minutes.

Not long now


Nice one m8 :thumbsup:

Got all the odds & ends today,

Towrope 2.5 tonne stretchy
Water purifying tablets
2 insect killers for the van
One 12V cigarette lighter socket which connects direct to battery with inline fuse :wink:
One 9 foot 10 ampere extension for the above

So we have a fag lighter socket - actually two because I have already found a male->female doubler :slight_smile:

I take that to be two fly swatters? Or, is that two cans of Raid insect killer?

Hope its not a couple of big spiders.

After a road test the radiator seems fixed, I still smell radiator water though. Time will tell if I’m imagining it

I have 4 spiders living in my landy around the edges of the windscreen. They are getting used to the routine now, and don’t spin webs on the windscreen where I need to see out or on the steering wheel.
They do help to keep the fly population down during the summer. Although I have nearly crashed a couple of times trying to usher the flies into the webs.
Well it would be cruel not to feed them :smiley:

Good luck guys.

Seems they are at the morrocco border. Go on lads!

Come on you Pinky :wave:

I have unofficial confirmation that Pinky has been sold!

Just waiting for the auction results to be listed here

I’m guessing the “if” it sells it will be the lowest value vehicle in its auction group since its V8 petrol and Automatic.

Anyone care to guess the final value at auction ?