Pinkys road test results . . . .

Well the figures are in to establish if Pinkys drinking problem is any better since a bit of a service

Indicated Mileage : 169 miles
Fuel : 72 litres = 16 Gallons

10.56 MPG


Measuring the speedo against a car with the right sized tyres on shows the speedo is currently reading 17.5% low so thats really 198 miles and 12.4 mpg, a 50% improvement.

Should be even better if its kept down to Motorway speeds and not stuck in a muddy field for an hour revving its pods off :chuckle:

Yeah you should be able to get 14-15 mpg out of that old chevy iron, given a light foot on the pedal and a bit of a tail wind. Now take about 2mpg away by adding Bilko and the food supply. :lol:

Have you got any pics of the old girl? (and by that I mean the car, not the Wife :wink: )

There might be a couple of it wearing some of Shropshires finest mud and a few more stickers in the latest Mojo’s pics.

Its got a couple of stickers to strengthen the bodywork as well now. Thanks George !

Not for modem users :wink: 56K unfriendly

Cool, that’s awesome!