PlanetQuest charges for membership

Extract from PlanetQuest email recieved today:

Last, but certainly not least, we have decided that the best way to fund PlanetQuest, at least to start off, is for PlanetQuest membership to be a nominal $2 per month ($24/year)

Ok, I know that $24 per year is not a great sum and that PQ has had funding issues, but nonetheless it’s a shame when the project needs to charge its volunteers to before they can take part, especially when there will be no public release until the Autumn now.

I was really keen to work with this project as it rolled out to Boinc, but we are a year down track, and now they want me to pay for the privilage. :frowning:

PQ website (now very out of date):

hummm… i dont see myself signing up for this then…

or anyone else.


money for what…

i think that we crunchers did enough, with our Computer Power, and the Electricity bill…

Thanks i am also out for this…

Sir Ulli

hum maybe we (the crunchers) should start sending them the a bill for the elec and hardware useage oh and the internet charges so units can be sent back to them im sure it would be more than $24 a month . Its real funny thay want charge people for something thats saveing them mega dollers ( aka processing power)

A sad state of affairs that even though they claim the algorithm they have is used by NASA, they cannot get funding. Although in real terms, they are not the only ones, they have just formalised the “charity” drive that Seti are having at the moment.

I like the summer here, with the machines off there is always a bit more in the monthly kitty for ale :smiley:


This is unlikely to be successful. The scope of the people willing to actually donate cash for the privledge to look for planets is going to be small.

This one is in bypass mode.

Pipping in with :2cents: again.

I applaud them at PlanetQuest for being honest and out in the open from the word go that they do not have appropiate funding. I really don’t think it differs that much to the campaign being ran by Berkeley for fundraising using scare tactics of “if you don’t donate we can’t continue”.