Playstation Network

If Playstation network comes back online, will you trust it enough to spend money on it or will you get rid of it and get something else ?

The bigger question is… who do you trust at all? Security breaches are becoming more common, so you have to ask whether all your other account holding companies have a solid security issue.

But to answer your question, probably will trust them if they show hard evidence of tightening their own security. You have to figure they don’t want to lose their cash cow, so they should be taking very serious steps to correct the situation and make sure it never happens again.

Yeah, pretty much as Egad says, I don’t trust anywhere online 100%… I just have to hope that in the event something nasty happens the people responsible will take responsibility :wink:

I never spent much on it anyway. When I did, I think I put my credit card with the shortest expiry on it and/or lowest limit as damage limitation if anything should go wrong. So if they have an exclusive “must have” purchase in the future (GT6 preview?) I’ll probably go again.

Well, it came back to life.
I fired up MW2 and had a go.

On the third game it all went up, suddenly dropping into free for all mode, multiple airstrikes with not enough points on the score to give anybody an airstrike.

Its not fixed, its just the same with a few accounts deleted.
It will get hacked again.

So no, I’m not buying any more PS3 games, as downloads or on media.
The online element is the only reason I bother turning the PS3 on, everything else it can do is available by other means.

Sorry Sony, you failed.

Sorry Sony, you failed.[/QUOTE]

And on that note it would appear that my PS3 Fat has coughed its last.
It turned itself off just as I was having a good MW2 session.
Now it beeps, flashes green, Yellow then just sits there with a red flashing light and gives up.

Do you think Sony hunted down my console and double-tapped it remotely after I called them failures ?

YLOD, but its actually a red light :confused:

Swapping the hard drive over and giving it a damned good hoovering made no difference, it still wont switch on.

I’ve been looking at the various “how to Fix your PS3 with a paint stripper gun” and I’m not convinced thats going to end well.
Fix isnt my first choice of word, maybe I will have a go though.
It wont be any less functional if I set fire to it a bit.