Please be aware

I’ve just done some locking down of the server, and some upgrading to latest releases.

I’m also testing vbulletin4 on a test subdomain, that keeps trying to forward to this domain on my local machine.

If things go a bit screwy, I’ve full backups, but we may go backwards a couple of hours.


Thanks DT! :slight_smile:

Cheers DT :thumbsup:

so I’ve been playing a little with an installation of vbulletin4, and now have a long list of things that should be done prior to the upgrade to make things a little smoother.

I’ve also found the template editing section, and it really should allow users to pick and choose from more templates with a lot less admin intervention required on each progressive upgrade.

I’m not sure on the CMS yet, might just leave it disabled, the same with the blogs. Within v4, each registered user can have a blog all to themselves on the forum software. I’m not sure how that falls into the web owner being responsible for all content, no way am I reading peoples blogs!! Another one that might just get disabled.

The forum itself, well not a huge amount new, it’s more of a code refactor than adding functionality, which means a swift learning curve to implement some of our mods. Most things we added over time are now part of the software by default, so some of the plugins can simply be removed prior to the upgrade and then I don’t have to worry about putting them back.

I’m going to continue to prepare the 3.8.4 version we have running now for a live upgrade. I’m glad I didn’t try it live, some of the errors I ended up debugging were quite odd. I estimate that the complete routines to run will take about an hour, so at some point in January we will have a couple of hours of forum downtime.


Thanks for heads up DT. You are the code monkey extreme on BBS. If you need a hand with anything scream Mr. M…