Please forgive me...

Something my family do when someone is dozy or incomprehensible, is to say :-

“Do what to the Good Ship Golden Dragon?”

It’s really bugging me now. I know it’s my fault. Even my missus, and my 14 and 25 year old say it. It’s a family tradition now.

I know it’s from a text adventure. So that makes it planet 9 or infrogames, so it’s from one of the 8-bits I own/owned. I think.
Guess it’s obvious that the adventure only said that when you got fed up/got lost and told it to do something, ummm, errr.

I have a vague memory it may be around the time we used to play ‘Frak’. Well, the hacked version where it played ‘Captain Pugwash’.

Any idea’s please?


but I have no idea :slight_smile: sorry !!


Sorry Wheelie, does not ring a bell with me and Googling offers nothing either :frowning:

Any idea what machine m8?

No idea here either, certainly rings no bells with me :confused:

… and having enjoyed many an hour with text adventure games, I’m intrigued as to what your input command was to give the answer [I]“Do what to the Good Ship Golden Dragon?”

[/I]I do remember “drown Frodo” never worked, and I couldn’t shove the ring up Gandalfs arse, no matter how many times I suggested it :lol:[I]


Not found anything through web searches.

Did find this lot though in case you wanted to re-visit some of the games

This ?