Please remind me

How to update Windows to recognise it is now running on a dual-core instead of single core CPU. It is Windows XP Pro I am talking about.

Device manager> Computer something along the lines of update from there from the Uniprocessor PC to Multiprocessor PC.


Odd you should ask that Alta as I plan on performing the same ‘maintenance’ on one of my PCs tonight as well :Plot:

/me considers renaming this to the Stooges fight back thread :chuckle:



Oddest thing happened last night that I’ve never seen before. Now I’ve performed said procedure quite a number of times, but I changed the order a little - normally I perform the driver upgrade, shut down, fit additional/replacement CPU and power back on.

Last night the PC was already off so I fitted the CPU and booted up to perform the driver upgrade only to be greeted with the ‘new hardware found’ baloon telling me it had found an ACPI Multiprocessor PC and a 2nd CPU - bonus! :woot:

Just as an aside, I have performed said upgrade in that manner previously but always had to perform the upgrade manually.