Please show support - tune into Twitch

I know it’s short notice!!!

As MnM Gaming take on Lanimals in the Overwatch EGX Finals with the prize pot being a Omen by HP laptop for the winning team players, and the MVP of the tournament also receives a prize.

Please keep a special watch on FunnyAstro, shout outs in the Twitch chat - please support my boy (so I can get a new laptop )

Don’t forget if you’ve never tried Overwatch - it’s on a free until midnight tonight (ish).


Really proud of FunnyAstro - has his mention in the game play part and the end of the video to camera he comes across really well. Please like and share, MnMGaming got Dan into his first competitive events and the future of the team roster is in doubt as all of them are in trial for other teams.

FunnyAstro has since progressed and played with some of the players from EGX and has taken part in some online tournaments, won the ESL weekly and continues to look to find a roster place for next year. I can’t see him going straight into University with the success and offers he has already had from teams with a number of tryouts.

I don’t think we can thank MnM Gaming enough - having heard horror stories regarding some other team managers - they are the guys to be with. Please show your support for them where you can, and follow the not very social media active FunnyAstro.

So many to mention and thank - did I remember the Milkman?