@PMM - new bike pictures :D

I’ve taken to Facebook stalking you all now :devil:

It would appear PMM has purchased a new ornamenent for his garage :lol:

Best intentions of cycling to loose a bit of weight? Remember to get a water bottle if you’re going out in the heat :slight_smile:


2 bottles is a better idea - I got through 2 yesterday in the space of an hour and a half :s

Here’s my one - commuter bike that I seem to have done a little than commute on… ticked over 1,000Km in less than 3 months on it. I think that’s more than I’ve drove this year!

is that what is classed as a Hybrid bike?

My LandRover mountain bike hasn’t moved much recently, too many health problems :frowning: Michael has outgrown his bike though, I think we are off to look at the £75 Asda bike as he now walks to school now he’s at secondary. £75 will be recouped pretty damn fast for trips into town with the cost of the bus/parking :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s a hybrid - mountain bike frame but wider tyres than a racing/road bike.

it came without the bar ends but I added them as they help with climbing hills (and I find it more comfortable to put my hands in that position for long straights when travelling at a fair speed).

Mine was £200 in a deal at Halfords (instead of £300) and I think I’ve managed to get quite a bit of that back by not catching the bus to work. Paid for itself in exercise outside of work anyhow.

NNNNoooooooooooooooooooo lol :newmon: darn was not expecting this post to spring up lol

I’ll link you direct to the brands webby page.

>> http://www.boardmanbikes.com/mtbht/ht_team.html

Won’t be staying so much in the garage as it is destined to travel with me to where I am staying during the week intention being cycling to work and after work trips.

I’m sure that’ll look really nice in the garage :Poke:


Proper piccy ((warning its a full 8M pic))