Pocket sized point and click


posted on Digi, but I know we have some quality photographers and wide range of brands in use over here as well :slight_smile:

With the advances in tech, I’m now looking to buy a pocket sized point and shoot, with good battery life, image stabilisation sounds like a good idea and so does red-eye reduction and face tracking. Budget is £100 to include the camera and any extras, I’ve still got a full set of AA high cap rechargables and could sell on my lowepro slr camera bag that has been kicking around the floor for a while now to assist with the budget.

So what do you recommend, and where have you seen it at a decent price. Past experience of things going wrong lead me to the high street more than online with things like this, so keep that in mind please, although I’m no stranger to buying online or ebay


still very very chuffed with the results from my canon ixus 30 - getting on a bit but for simple point/shoot I can’t fault it. It struggles with ~extreme~ close ups but handles everything else just fine - even the video is reasonable :slight_smile:

The updated model appears to be the ixus 70, 75 or 80 - going for around the £140 mark at first glance. Saying that, I bought a replacement for my ixus30 on ebay about a year ago for £45 - is it worth considering 2nd hand for a few more bells and whistles depending on your requirements ?

I don’t have any good input for you DT, but I’ve been lurking at another site for a while. You don’t have to register to read the forums. The resource links at the top-left corner of the page are worthwhile. Here is the url:


thanks both, and most odd that the panasonic lumix LZ8 was one of the ones I’ve been looking at, along with the Powershot A590 range as I know someone with one of those and I was impressed.

Not sure if it’s a good thing, but there is only one of the panasonic on ebay, so either not many were sold or people keep them !!


You can get cameras for under £100? :smiley:

Seriously, I have no idea what’s hot or not in that price bracket, but if you have got shortlist models, this site is a useful tool in price comparisons. Be aware of course they don’t list every seller or even every model, but it’s a fair starting point. I’d also assume they run on online referals so consider your clicking as needed before buying.

Ixus models come highly rated, I know I love mine,

Found one on ebay Here ?

just got this from the affiliates offers :slight_smile: It seems as if it’s a classic was highly overpriced previously and now s on offer type of offer, but the reviews seem reasonable.

Kodak M340

I’m a little wary though as the last Kodak I had was no way near as good in battery life as the little cheapo Vivitar I brought for the kids.