I have recently started new employment as a poker dealer at the local casino, apparently i am rather good and will be dealing some national comps, watch out for me on your telly box.

however after picking up a lot of information of some of the regulars i started dabbling in online play. (apparently gala dont want me to go to a casino inside of 25miles of where i work)

anyways, just wondering if anyone else plays and if so where?

i am a regular on pkr. what about you?

edit: BAAAH just been dealt 5 consecutive hands with a 2 in it…gutted

Never been a gambling man myself, although I have been married 3 times … does that class as a hobby or an affliction ?

a curse…

Classes you as rubbish at cashing in on life insurance.

Used to do Party Poker, but only for play - can’t afford the real thing. :sigh:

Always reminds me of the smutty joke, you hold her, i’ll poker :s

theres always one to lower the tone :stuck_out_tongue:

That some would say is gambling on a very high level:D

And yup, i dabble alitle on PKR, i go by Tetra2109 :ghey:

i will find you and steal all your monies :stuck_out_tongue: or we could collude hehe

i play on a few of the facebook poker tournaments when i’m bored, my problem is when i get even more bored i just go all in :lol: sometimes it works…

I play a fair bit on - just for fun, not real money because I am tight.