Poll: Are we willing to forget Predictor or not?

OK here’s the skinny:

  1. TPR were quickly Predictor #1
  2. Whilst there we were sitting pretty
  3. We have just been demoted to #2, and soon #3 or #4 if we don’t wake up.

So, let me know where your mind is at OK?

I have just started up one PC doing 100% Predictor. I like the project and hope that TPR will continue to be a competive team. After devoting 4 years to SETI I felt it was time to support something that would possibly better mankind. My other PC is now running Folding at home. My vote would be to try to see TPR retake and hold on to 1st place before it becomes out of reach. I will be adding a 2nd PC to Predictor this weekend. Come on guy’s lets get back to being #1 !
Steve B.

My main rig is running at 20% for each project (Seti, Predictor, CPDN, Einstein, LHC). A secondary rig (P3 730) is 50% predictor, and I hope to have my Barton crunching again this weekend, and possibly adding a second Barton 2500 to the mix also.

Swappped to 50% Predictor now…

Sorry Neal but I always have prefered BOINC…

I run
Seti at 30%
Einstein 40%
Predictor 30%
on both my computers
guess I could up Predictors % some couldn’t hurt

Once the Classic SETI gauntlet has ended I’ll re-juggle my machines, at the mo they are all on Classic.

pretty much the same here too, I’ve set my machines that moved over to classic to get down to cache of zero, once they finish the units they’ll get back onto Predictor. About 10Ghz will be split Predictor/AnOther with a 50/50 split or higher for Predictor dependent on which other project sits on the machine.

I’ve just lowered SetiBoinc preferences a touch (from 50 to 25) so the one machine ltsp I left on Pred/Seti will get a bit more.

I’m going to enjoy stomping OCUK :devil:


After the shabby way the “new” powers that be at Predictor treated Chuck and the delays in getting the account creation online again (to general public) I will not be adding to my previous total.

I’m with Neal - Folding

:banana: Red Dwarf Posse :banana:

I’ve got one machine on predictor just to keep the stats ticking over and in balance. The drug thing in general doesn’t interest me too much though.

I’m with the Balrog here.

Drug ones dont intrest me much…
Nor does SETI.
LHC I can see what there doing…Not to bad…
CP is my one of choice but latly I’ve noticed its BOINC CP thats slowing my PC down when it’s running… No other BOINC project slows my machine down on loading etc like CP so I’m afraid for sake of useage, CP is NOT going to run for a while on my PC…

Now if I had 2 PC’s, that would be a different mater! :smiley:

I’m with Neal also…turned off everything else…all F@H for now…

Well it is getting to be summer here again, predicted to be about 29C today. I just can’t justify the A/C bill required to run the farm and will be bringing the bulk of farm off line later today that isn’t in the down position already. I really need to concentrate my off hours in my new real-estate endeavors anyway, so I can maybe actually have a retirement in 10 years or so. This is going to take all my extra hours in the next few months to set up and get operational and cash flow positive.

So don’t be surprised if I am a bit “thin” around here in the near future.

All my computers are F@H. It runs well in the background with no known problems on the machines that have had it running for the past few years (OHS).

I’m in this for the fun and the team, Seti is the one that got me into all of this in the beginning and remains close to my heart but i’m more than happy to switch my production around if thats the way the team wants to head, call me a sheep if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything boinc is fine by me thanks to the combined stats :woot:

Err…Option 5: Change nothing.

I can’t Boinc from work so everything there Folds. I have one old PIII at home crunching 50% Seti/50% Predictor, but it is so slow that it’s not worth changing…and Big Turnip is on Folding

I am like that now mate!

CPDN slows my PC so I’ve thrown it to the wind for the minute…anyhow it’s worth bringing the rest of my combined stats up to a nice rounded lump rather than 50%+ of my combined stats in CPDN! :stuck_out_tongue:

Send some of them (LTSP PXE nodes) to me. They can crunch here under your name (UK=cold. today ~ 8)

top notch offer Mojo :clap: :clap: :smiley:


Actually I have been thinking about a way to massively water cool the lot. If that happens and I have the time to do what is needed then they will be coming back on line. The other issue is the silly contract I have now keeps getting renewed in 90 day increments. This and the real estate moves have been putting a strain on the budget, but we will see. (the wife, step-daughter and 2 grand daughters aren’t helping much there lately either)

Sorry, but I also can’t help at the moment, I have at time enough projects because one of my pcs is at time off :mad: . But when I have achieved my goal:
D²OL :1000
Seti: 20000
Climate: 6000
Einstein: 1000
LHC: 1000
I will run predictor! :slight_smile: