Portal 2

It’s out on steam now, think physical stores still have a couple days to go. I got the download done but I’m off to work in a bit so wont have a time to fire it up until lunch time.

Edit: had 10 mins before work so I thought I’d at least get the intro movie down… started it and… decrypting files. Only about 1/3 way through so that isn’t going to happen…

I believe Valve brought forward the release in stores as well from a post I saw on their website (link)

I got it for steam on the pre-release deal (2 for cheap) and shared it with a guy in Compsoc here however, I sold the gaming PC and the Mac mini wont play it (on OS X and I CBA to boot camp it just to play games).
This might mean a trip to Game and purchasing it for the Xbox - question is then, do I buy one of the new Xbo’s for £160 (with Halo or try and get them to put in Portal instead) or just buy Portal (and play it on housemates xbox)…

I’m not going to buy it just yet, I’ll wait for the price to drop on the game despite knowing it’s going to be damn good!

I was late to the cake the 1st time round so didn’t want that to happen again. No spoilers, but just spent 10 mins in it, and it looks great while echoing the original. I’m going to hold off until I get home on a proper system. My laptop screen doesn’t quite cut it.

Steam says I’ve played it for 21hours, it was enjoyable but as I’m not that fussed about all the acheivements I’ve not played for a few days.

Kids will have a play on it, once they’ve mastered the controls :lol:

2player was great fun, if a little slow in between levels. I actually found Glados started to annoy me with the elevator speeches and I just wanted the next puzzle!!


Done the solo mode. Did go back for achievements but quickly got annoyed for anything other than trivial ones.

On a somewhat related note, I want one of these.

:lol: they are brilliant :smiley: