Possible scammer

Hmmm! I’ve got a laptop for sale on Trade-It and I’ve had a couple of leads both of which look dodgy. Here’s the second reply:

“Hello thanks for your quick response. i will like you to know that i
really have interest in buying the item for my sister and am from
united kingdom but right now am out of state but am only deal with
paypal right now with that is the only way i can make the payment for
the item. here is my offer for the item including postage (£425.00)
please get back to me with your paypal id or send me money request
from your paypal account right away.
i need your response soon,

I’m only asking for £300. :confused: Just looks wrong. What do you think?

bargepole dip dogshite mate. After your Paypal details. “Out of state” - who says that in the UK? And offering £425 for something at £300?

A quick google for the phrase “you can send me money request from paypal”
shows quite a few from West Africa.

I’m surprised there is no mention of Western Union, give it time.

Or you take the money and post him half a paving slab ?
Then you are only risking the loss of the posting fee, about a tenner on parcel 2 go.
You could even say you are sending it on “good will” and he can pay when it arrives and not give him any paypal details.

just the bad english would be enough to put me off.

just say no :wink:

:chuckle:Thought as much. Cheers guys.

Got another one. :smiley:
"Hello ,
Thanks for your price is okay by me for £300. So I would like you to ignore other offers and hold it for me and I will offer you an extra £50 only if you can keep it for me and I will come for the pickup or I send my Freight Agent. I do not want you to be stressed, so id rather sends my Freight Agent to your location for pickup. Please give the information i have requested in order for my client to Make the payment:

(1)Cheque payable to:
(2)Home Address:
(5)Post code:
(7)Telephone number/mobile phone:

A well-known business association have agreed to make payment out to you on my behalf. You should be expecting uk cheque of £3000(when did that go up?) which include the shipping fee to cover the shipping expenses on me because i still have other pick up as well.The reason is being that my client couldn’t issue out a separate cheque’s on a single transaction like this due to company policy, as soon as the cheque clears in your bank you deduct your cost price including the compensation to hold the ad, then the rest would be sent to my freight agent for the pickup in your location. I hope I can trust you with my rest balance to arrange for my freight.

Yeah like that’s gonna happen :chuckle:

welcome to the world of money laundering :lol:


I have a US Nickel here and can mail it now will that be enough? I find selling it local to always be better, and cash works always!

If it sounds a little fishy it is…oh and I have a deal where you send me 350US to cover bank cost, and for that I’ll give you 10000US…love these scams don’t you…(NOT)