post from new linux install

what system is it on tho?:wink:

Thiz 6.0 :shrug:

that’s one that came on a disc with my Chaintech Mobo. Never installed it though :rolleyes:

… and earlier this evening I made a boo boo with suze 10 :frowning:

I formatted the wrong drive - wiped Linux off - which caused Grub loader error 21 :eek:

good job I could get in to run Fixmbr phew


Here endeth my guesses :slight_smile:

That distro. You know, that one.

First Choice… (airline edition)

No, really, i’ve seen it boot up on the inflight headrest display on a flight :wiggle:

The distro was Slackware :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: and it was runing on…

wheres that sodding drum roll ?

more rumaging for drum roll button

My Xbox :lol:

:haha: Sweet!