**Post Lockdown LAN**

I have been waiting on my husband sorting the posters but that could be sometime next year at this rate :roll_eyes:

New date for LAN

It’s short notice, I know but the new date for next LAN is 31/07-02/08 at The Highwayman Inn.

There are guidelines that will need to be followed and Ian or Tina can add other information such as bar/food service.

•There are only 14 places for this LAN to keep in with social distancing guidelines and it will be 1 person per table
•There will be no VR headsets

Comment below if you would like a place - but only if you can actually make it.

As usual, cost if bringing a PC will be £10.

Me, Spud & Charlie



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Better add Fatboy Slim too.

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Going up with Fatty to setup the gig tonight.
See everyone whos going there Friday / Saturday.


will be dropping in on Saturday, minimum of lunch

Minimum of Lunch ?
Unlike you. Mixed Grill at least !

Lan is all setup and ready to roll.
See you later