Poster printing services

Been thinking about doing some photos as posters, but have no idea where to look. For around 20x30 inches, Jessops are asking around £17 with 33% off offer, delivery unknown. Anyone know of other services I should look at?

Last time I did this, I used a local company called Mailboxes, who colour photo-copied my pics on to A3sized paper for about 7.50 a sheet.

I’m looking at something way bigger than A3 :smiley: Got some frames made up in the past I want to reuse, but I can’t remember their exact size. 20x30 might be on the small side but I guess I can look at mounts later. Not sure how far enlargement can go before quality drops anyway.

A1 style poster prints will cost an arm and a leg, that Jessops price looks good TBH
you will normally pay around that mark + postage bringing it into the £20/£25+ marker so if your getting it at £17 all in I regard that as being good.

is this the sort of thing you are looking for i came accross this site when i wanted some pics done into canvas

they are resonably priced too :wink:

Used before, good service :slight_smile:

they do up to 30x20 too…Prices
Description Price
12"x12" Poster
14"x11" Poster
20" x 8" Poster 4.99
A3 Poster
16"x12" Poster
18"x12" Poster 5.99
20"x16" Poster
A2 Poster 9.99
30"x20" Poster 16.99

postage has always been reasonable too, worth a look perhaps

Guess I’ll give the Jessops one a try as there is a promotional discount code at the moment. Edit: but Photobox are doing 2 for 1 promotion…

Just measured my frames, they’re JIS B2 size (about 20x29) so perfect with a little cropping…

I’ve used Photobucket’s print service and got a A2 poster that is the shizzle top quality!