Pot Noodle

Does anyone actually eat the peas, or do you all pick them out before pouring the water in?

You have been eating the 'rooms ain’t you :wink: :woot:

Originally posted by Repo
You have been eating the 'rooms ain’t you :wink: :woot:

Yep Biddy :wink: has :nod:

No, peas!!

Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle is nice, but I don’t like the peas. Beef & Tomato is well out.

Mescalin has been off the menu for a few years now. Have to make do with vino tinto.

Oi! lab_boy, where are you? This thread’s for you! :chuckle:

ahh yes the fine food that is the pot noodle. Without it I would never have survived Uni :wink:

Beef and Tomato, not too much water, eat all the solids (including the freshly picked peas) and then drink the lovely beefy soup-like mix that’s left.

and don;t even think about buying a posh noodle :puke: