Power Kiting and Coasteering

Still feeling “tender” :lol: Would do it again, but in a couple of weeks :lol:


Looks like you had a great time m8!! :cool:

that does look fun, how was the power kiting? reminescent of using my little kite (fixed with gaffa tape and copper pipe :)) in force 6 gales in the isle of white?

We have the same stunt kite now, Michael nose dive sorted the same part breaking on ours as well.

Four strings on the power kites, so to just have it fly was very easy as the lower brake strings controlled the power and flight, left right control for direction and the lower brake strings control the angle of the kite and hence the pull. It was enough to pull all 16 stone of me a couple of hundred feet across the beach sliding on my heels :slight_smile: Really want to try the buggies :smiley: