Powerful films

Me and helen just watched a very powerfull film.
Its called Flight 93.
for those who dont knoe it is a film about what happend on 911.
and it was the most powerfull film i have seen in a long time.
and watching the film reminds me of why the war is happening at the moment.
Also makes realise the war is of good cause IMHO.
But that is another story to be told.
the second powerfull film i have seen which i think is brilliant is,
A Perfect World with Clint eastwood and some other good actor but i cant remember his name :p.
absolutly excelent film and if anyone has it i would love to borrow it sometime.
as i cannot find it anywhere.
and finnally the 3rd most powerfull film i have seen has to be The green mile.
no for those who havent seen it…really there is no excuse go and buy it now the film is a must see and even tho it is a good couple of years old now everyone should have seen it :).
if you havent…get it!.
i would like to know if anyone else knows of any powerfull films or a hard hitting thriller that is good or put a tear in your eye or even just had you gripped for a while (easy lads i dont mean those movies).
cheers Andy.

Schindlers List
Shawshank redemption

all good powerfull films imho.


Powerful film for me was more of a documentry called Lose Change!.. if u loved Flight 93 u will Love it!

Agreed…want to see united 93

Shawshank Redemption
Green Mile

and a weird one to throw into the balance, but I thoroughly enjoyed, many high points, many low points and a real sense of spirit…

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Well powerful…yeah I take various films as powerful in various ways…

Blawk Hawk Down for one would class as a powerful film IMHO

but most powerful I’ve watched recently was the anime series Full Metal Alchemist and the TV series Firefly… powerful but no in ways you’d expect.

As for the names being thrown around, I’ve not seen Shwashank or Green Mile

ooow, Shawshank Redemption is definatly worth the watch…

i got it on dvd for my dad at xmas

2 more to add to the mix

Deer Hunter… very good film if not a bit overly long
Saving Private Ryan… the invasion scenes alone are really powerfull.


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thats excelent thanks :D… ill be getting that on friday :D…has anyone see that film by the way…
very dramatic and very hard hitting.
the first few scenes are a bit slow and kind of disturbing in a couple of ways.
but belive me if you watch the whole film i dont think you will be disapointed.


I forgot one :lol:

Dances with Wolves


One i loved was AI, full of deeper meaning.

ooww, i aint seen that film in ages!

I didn’t think the Mel Gibson remake of Life of Brian captured the origianl that well :frowning: