Predictor : No work avaialble......

Well I’ve had it with predictor for now…WTF is “No work available…blah blah blah” all about ? Haven’t had any flippin’ work for days now.

Sod it !


Give D2OL a try, seems to be pretty available, has a good caching mechanism and it really pounds the CPU! me likes it for farming. DT is working up some driver type apps. You can run it from a cli and in the background with no visual evidence of it running.

With the way things in the world are going I think drug reseach is a good thing.


Just saw that you are already there! Crank them up Ian!

Done !

XP2500+ on the case. :shocked3:


It seems like a lottery at the moment.

As posted in I’m still getting units. This is from one of my Windows servers this morning:

<<this is where the attachment would go if the button was working >>

The picture shows 11 predictor units D/L this morning, 2 complete.
In total 4 Windows machines and seven Linux have units.

Dunno why, just the way it is :shrug: