Predictor results backing up!

My pending credit has increased to over 600 in the last few days.
Seems that it’s taking a little longer to validate the results and
issue credit. Anyone else waiting for credit? :confused:
Steve B.

yup, me too

thread on the message boards


As at now my pending credit is 5255…

Predictor just issued credit for results. My pending credit just droped from over 600 to 32. Validator must be working again. :slight_smile:

Mine’s still increasing - 5430 now.

Probably just the normal BOINC quorum randomness, nothing to worry about

edit yes, total and RAC are increasing too so I’m obviously waiting for quora…

I can’t get on predictor at all this morning, can’t attach to project or join team with the one’s that i started on Saturday.

Hohum… will try again tonight :cool:

yup - same here, can’t reach the site or upload any completed units :frowning:


OK, I’ll do it Neal - everyone come FOLDING instead :lol:

:Pimp: :Pimp: :Pimp: :Pimp: :Pimp:
You never miss a chance to Pimp do you ?? LOL