Prevx1 - Anti Malaware utility

While reading up about parts for my forthcoming PC uograde, I clicked a link to the Zalman site - and Avast immediately threw up a window informing me it contained a Trojan (ntsocks.dll).
The option to abort connection was greyed out (?) but I closed it anyway, then did a scan, which identified it as a possible logger program.

When I blocked it with the firewall settings I lost internet connection - typical :smiley: so then went searching for something to “remove” it with, and found Prevx1, Installed it from the page and ran it.
Seems a nice little utility with a 30 day free trial and seems to have sorted the problem. Currently doing another full sweep of my system - just in case :rolleyes: and I might be tempted to part with some cash when the trial runs out.

29 days left to see how it performs :wink:

edit scan finished, it found another 6 hiding in there :eek: