Printer networking trauma

Been having intermittant issues since a big infrastructure change last september… The issue right now is that I have a printer on the network which was connected via wireless. that stopped working so I boshed a cat5 cable between it and the router to get things running. Problem being the driver is still refusing to ‘see’ the printer. I can’t even ping it from my machine or even the router. It has been assigned a static IP and I have a report page showing that I have the right IP address; I don’t use Windows firewall as I have the router standing guard. I temporarily disabled the routers firewall as advised by HP to no effect. Anyone know why my printer has turned into a rogue and stealthed? :stuck_out_tongue: If this helps it’s a HP deskjet 6980. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers and run the complete length of HP’s troubleshooting advice. The cable is definately not duff. I’d love to have it on wireless again, but wired is fine. I can only think there’s something I need to tweak in the router’s settings that is just a little above my level of tech-savvyness. Any advice?

I’d take a stab at the dhcp settings on the printer and the router. Can you see a list of detected devices in the router’s GUI ?

Does the printer now think it has two IP’s ?

One wireless and one DHCP ?

Is its default gateway correct ?
Can you telnet to it ?
Can you telnet to port 9001, the jetdirect port ?

What assigns its DHCP address ?
Can you ping it from there ?


The only place witha (possible) list of devices is a ‘DHCP Client Table’, which lists only this main PC. Nowhere else with any info remotely like that.

TFW- I have an option on the router to ping a chosen IP and I can’t ping it using that, nor can I hit it from my PC; not sure how to get at port 9001, the router only lets you enter an IP to ping.
Not sure where it gets it’s DHCP addy from either- sorry, I’m not much help here :stuck_out_tongue:
It definately has the same IP number for both wireless and wired however- I did a diagnostic page and have all it’s stats here.

Surely a networked printer should have a static IP address so that attached users can print to it. Am I wrong in this?

Using the same ip for wired and wireless might cause it an issue tbh - try disabling the wireless unless you need both - if you do need both, try assigning to seperate IP addresses.

Check that the netmask and default gateway match the settings for your PC.

Once you can ping it, the rest should just work.

Start from scratch, set printer to no wireless, wired network set to assign by DHCP, get it going from the PC in that configuration, restart wireless via DHCP and disable wired. Once working hardcode the address on wireless. Sometimes its quicker to nuke the config and start again than chase the problems.

Dingdingding! Mojo is our winner :stuck_out_tongue:

Found a way to splat the settings from the printers front panel (all 4 buttons of it), went thro the detect printer on network malarkey in HP’s software and bing- there it is! Left it wired as I didn’t fancy pushing my luck.

Thanks muchly again folks :wink: