Private message spammers

Please be sure to report all spam private message senders by forwarding the spam to any of the mods or myself.

It seems the new tactic is to send the spam in private messages as we catch them quite quick when they do post onto the public forums.

This is the message that was sent:

Dear Trader…

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La Jean Company

I think that with spam, trader and some other free pics this message should get to a fair few robots and I wonder what may happen to the email account in question. I’ve left it there on purpose so that Barack Obama can share it with his teenager babe friends and post a video on facebook or youtube. Maybe should join MySpace as well where he could meet the woman of his dreams …

Did I miss anything :wink:


I don’t know if it’s technically possible within reason to block some functions until a certain post count has been met? For example sigs, links, PMs to non-mods. Should slow them down a bit…

it is possible and will be done soon - probably tomorrow :slight_smile:


Yep this has been done on another forum I’m a member of. New members are now unable to PM until they’ve got 10 posts, as far as I know it’s solved this issue.

Yep, Barry did the same on his Renegade forum.

Excuse me, but I’m dumb. Will somebody please explain what this is about?

Thanks Jim :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Ripple Red;427959]Excuse me, but I’m dumb. Will somebody please explain what this is about?

Thanks Jim :-)[/QUOTE]Basicly people who register with the sole intention to spam…instead of just posting there links on the open forum they pm active members with there spam posts, any user who gets a spam pm should post in here or contact a mod with the user name so it can be banned, also to combat the spammers DT will hopefully be implementing a forum rule that you need x amount of posts before you can pm anybody.


Thanks, now I got it!!! Gee, I can be dumb!!! And senile!!!


It’s all that Ripple Red you drank when you were younger;)

You are right!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: