Problems accessing and shared database

All dammo’s questions have got me thinking about a problem we have here. We have an access data base running that we share with phone numbers and info on it.
Main mdb file sits on an XP machine, shortcuts on everyones pc to run it. For a number of months now, probably since some sort of Microsoft update, if I launch the shortcut (mdb file not on my machine) I get a security warning about running a file from an unknown publisher, if i click “ok” it then proceeds to run. If the machine that has the mdb file on already has it running and I click my shortcut it never launches… no warning, just nothing… if he quits out I can get in (after the warning). Basically as long as i’m in first its fine :ghey:

Any ideas ? Do I have to allow it security wise or something ? (my pc is running xp too

You get the same thing with exe’s running from a share. I’ve been meaning to look into this for a while …

Peige, once your in can anyone else access the DB?

do you get the warning message when opeing the DB on the local machine?

do you open it from a shortcut or do you navigate to it directly each time? is it diferent if you try it both ways?

just some thoughts…

bear with me a sec, I’ve got a work around for this that I did on a clients machine for an unmanaged code exe …

Looking for the exact work around I used …


Once in there are no problems at all… we can both edit and view details in the db without any issue.
I use a short cut to get to it but just tried to navigate and open it… still nothing happened.

No warning messages when it doesn’t open, nothing happens at all. if its going to work you get the “unknown publisher” message, after clicking this its fine

Is the Macro Security stuff Off? TOOLS > MARCo > SECURITY > SET to LOW

Other question is this a SHARED DRIVE or UNC to the PATH?

If you UNC you need to give them right thru IE settings. If you MAP make sure they have right is all on that system READ/WRITE