problems with VS 2005 Pro

ok I know that’s a stupid question but I don’t know how to compile and execute my c++ source code in Visual Studio 2005 profesional.:bsod:
Every time I want to compile my source code I got an error like this" Programm c:\projekte est\debug est.exe couldn’t be execute / found"

Have you tried the simple “Hello world” ?

Is it a recent install (…maybe it never worked)?

I’m still using Visual Studio 6 at work (maybe too old to be useful).

I’m more of a “C” programmer than a C++, but here is something you might try…

  1. create a new folder.
  2. use notepad (put text editor) to create a text file in that folder:

#include <stdio.h>
printf("Hello world.

  1. change the extension from a “.txt” to a “.c”. Now the file should be associated with Visual Studio.
  2. double click the “C” file. Visual Studio should open.
  3. press the button to compile the file. Visual Studio will complain that there is no project / workspace for this file. It will then offer to build a default project (so that it can compile). Click the OK button to let VS build a project around your file.
  4. You should now be able to compile and build without any difficulty. You have avoided using the “wizard” (which sometimes gives you too many options).
  5. If this doesn’t work, I would try to reinstall (or see if there are any service packs available).

That error looks as if it associated with executing the program the compiler is supposed to generate. If you are unable to compile it at all I would expect you to see other errors before getting that one.

Can you find the test.exe file in the Windows Explorer? If so are you trying to execute the test.exe from within VS? If so, look at the dialogs (or whatever) defining the VS runtime environment. You can also try executing the test.exe directly from a command window.

Does the installation come with a sample project? If so, try to build that unaltered.