Professional CV

Hi All;

I am starting to get itching feet at my current job and want to now spread my wings and see what i can get for my skills.

THing is that i work for a HUGE multination company, with oppitunities to move within the company to other offices around the globe.
To get these positions you still have to apply in the normal channels.
I only have the job i have now by contracting a maternity cover, proving my abilites and getting a job where they specified a degree a must, where i have no qualifications.

The problem i have is that my CV sucks, and is still the same amended one from when i wrote it after being chucked out of uni (not for a bad reason, long and annoying story!)

So does anyone know of a half decent, preferably cheaper then £50+ prices google offered, where i can get a cv written, or at least some solid professional advice to vamp my cv to show my qualities, whilst masking my obvious lack of paper qualifications.

References and proven experience is easy for me to obtain and show.

Also has anyone here had any experiences in moving jobs internationaly at all?

Oh and this is within the IT industry. Currently i am a ‘Systems Analyst’ basicly a problem solving, get it fixed sorta roll.

Cheers for all advice!:tiphat:

There are lots of examples of cvs and so on on the internet - here is just the first I looked at which has international examples too. Look at the resources provided by online agencies, particularly for IT consultancy.

Academic qualifications matter less that solid experience the older you get (although they undeniably help.)

Compare your current cv with a few example formats and also update it with your current work experience. It will at least be less discouraging once you start on it.

I’ve worked with a recruitment consultant at and he sent me through a nice template with some comments on how to produce a good cv for IT. Experience and positions that backup your experience is viewed equally with qualifications for most IT positions. I know the jobs we advertised recently had experience of using languages at a much higher position than academic achievement.