Progress on Project Phoenix

Progress on Project Phoenix

=None :rofl:Call me Mr Balrog :slight smile:


@The_Balrog @Mrs_Balrog

Did someone wake me up.

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Hi there Balrog!


Good waving :smiley:

Hi All
Good to see familiar faces still lurking herabouts.
All fine here :slight_smile:
DIY is done :wink: - if you can ever really finish with it.
Also done - our time with blue water sailing and now back in UK just doing some club race sailing in a small cruiser.
Reached the age where computing and i-thingies are becoming a deep mystery best left to the younger generation LOL. Closest I get is playing with Arduinos.

ardui what o’s :wink:


Smooth on the inside, Crunchy on the outside ?

Arduinos… .ohh yes a few other unfinshed project of mine, ESP32’s / ESP 8266 / Pi Zero 2 W :rofl:

Hmmm well lets see if I can get out into the shed today for a tinker its a bit cooler today but already 29deg on the shed temp guage :hot_face:

Hi Paul :slight_smile:
Oh yes, Grr… a few years ago ESPs were the flukiest flukey thing. Made an auto rotator for a Ham aerial - mostly good fun (and mostly still works :wink: ) but sorting the WiFi took forever. Better libraries about now.

Ohhh you a Radio Ham man eh :slight_smile: , wonder if Sarge Knows :thinking:
Thats Talking my Language lol

I really need to pull my finger out on that also had my Full Licence booked couple of years ago but all things work related and covid related got in the way of me taking :frowning:

But mainly more the listening side got SDR’s a plenty welll 6 :rofl: through gearing up for QO100 sat.

73’s 2E0IPM

2E0IPM de M0TGY :rightwards_hand: :leftwards_hand:
Wanting to go /MM (and get free but V slow email) when sailing motivated me to get my ticket but found the hobby quite interesting. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get good voice DX on 20-160m due to increasing QRM and small garden of suburban life although I still operate data modes which are more tolerant. Es Hail 2 is defo the way to get at least half way round the world these days. One of our club members has just built a QO-100 Tx station with a 24" dish which seems pretty handy.

BTW, am I hijacking this thread :frowning: - What is project Pheonix.

Project Pheonix is my Nick name for Rebuilding my old Phasechange computer :slight_smile:

Likely 20 years in the making :rofl: I’ve half designed the Copper mounting Head , but lack of a workshop to do the copper work is holding back.

I am hoping if I get all sorted that I’d be Qo100 Mobile Small 60cm dish seems good enough for receiving got a custom built QFH antenna @ 2.4Ghz i’m hoping with the 30watt max 2.4ghz amp be enough - Laptop with SDRAngel and my BladeRF for Transmitting/receiving is the plan :slight_smile:

Was not overly strong but i did manage to pickup just pointing the LNB without a dish in the shed :slight_smile:

Ah, Project Phenix sounds good. I can send Mrs Balrog round if you need a tad more motivation :laughing:

Your Es Hail plans sound about right. Some use an 80cm dish but 60cm seem to work fine as long as you have a completely clear view. Its also more discreete if you want to mount it on your house. 30W Tx should be more than enough depending on system losses. Are you planning narrow band or SSTV.
Good luck

Idea is to have in a portable Sat case something like this, where it can just be slung in boot of car :slight_smile:

While the Amp can do 30w and should be enough i doubt it need to be driven more than 10w for Narrow, Think SDRAngel does Video but I doubt that be a portable option would need a beefier amp for wide band then powering becomes more of an issue keeping it compact enough.

Probably many years off but by scale to the coffee cup the cooling head in progress lots to do is ermm substantial :nerd_face: