Progress report on a Boinc Statomatic

A quick :woot: a :banana: and a :thumbsup: :smiley:

Long story short, I’m in discussions with Willy from about a news template and leagues setup for TPR Boinc stats. Things are in early stages but Willy has confirmed that it can be done within his current workflow and design of site.

Fingers crossed he/me can pull something out the bag, his tables for team stats have movement markers on them, so taking those and making a news post shouldn’t be too hard to do for short term news posts. tbh, quite surprised someone has not already spotted that and done a daily :stomp: report from the BoincStats team page :wink: <massive hint> :wink:

for example from here we can see that Piet has stomped The Worm That Turned today :smiley:


Sounds good DT, i’m all for the proper return of news and stats :thumbsup:

I’ve been using that site alot to monitor how i’m doing in Predictor :cool: