Project is shut down for maintenance

SETI has just gone. Could be time for 3.08 client/database reset/nearly live?

We wish.

Too many false alarms to get too excited imo. :smiley:

It’s so frustrating, this lack of info. I’ve got 12 WUs in storage & 6 in cache, but I can’t do anything with. I may just stop SETI, until it’s fixed. Folding anyone? :chin:

Its Beta and therefore by definition a pain in the a$$. Unfortunately there is no way to change that.

Do Berkeley have a Chair of Psychology :smiley:

I’d be glad to be considered for Chair of Psychopathy :wink:

This is just SETI 3.08, not BOINC. The lot’s down at the moment. A real pain in the a$$

and my credit was just reset to zero. We’ll know tomorrow…

So is mine, it seems… but it’s not the first time credits have been temporarily zero’d so it’s not necessarily an omen… or is it:confused:

Is the Predictor server down too? I thought I’d crunch a bit of that until the SETI BOINC servers came back up, but I can’t seem to connect to it either…

I needs some Stats :cry:

I do wish instead of just shutting them down they’d tell us why - if someone has time to close the project in an orderly fashion then surely two lines on the website saying why it’s down and when it’s estimated to be back up wouldn’t hurt?

I see Ulli’s left us. Think he had an arrangement with Berkeley to mop up all his SETI 1 WUs into one basket at the latest possible moment, so he could take them forward to BOINC in one account.

I think we’re pretty close. :slight_smile:

That’s why I merged my lil’riddler account details into my riddlermarc account last week, I want to take it over in one fell swoop. I agree that we must be pretty close, although I do suspect this latest outage is just another “minor” one…