Project News Sep 12, 2016

In the last few weeks our project has experienced significant issues resulting in slower than usual work unit distribution, result processing, and credit granting. The cause of this was due to the increasingly large number of new hosts causing our database server to become very sluggish and eventually run out of disk space. Our short term solution was to reconfigure and optimize the project configuration and existing database server, purge old data quicker than usual, and temporarily stop resource intense database queries. This recovery mode will continue until the project stabilizes which may take a few days to a week.An interim solution will be to temporarily upgrade our database server and thanks to our sys admins, we already have a machine ready to go that has plenty of disk space and double the memory. The upgrade will require a day of downtime which is planned to happen early this week.The long term solution will be a complete system hardware upgrade to all our servers. The BOINC server software will also be upgraded. We are in the process of ordering these machines and hope to have them running within the next few months.The project is somewhat stable now and clients should be getting work as usual. However, result processing and credit granting may still be slow and our status information/page may not be up to date as we are in recovery mode and our servers continue to catch up on things. Work history will also be shortened to temporarily save space. We expect things to be back to normal in a few days to a week.Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued contributions!