Proposal: Team target for September - SETI

OK, so lets ramp it up :driving:

Currently in RAC we are 18th with 86,293.69 RAC value.

Now I reckon 14K extra should be easy peasy - so let’s do it. A team target for September to get to 100K RAC for the month. I reckon I can come up with a few goodies for those who come onto the SETI SEPT party :smiley: I’ll be at enough trade shows to have so many giveaway gadgets, you never know one of them maybe useful !!!

Probably something else with stats we can do - so name it and let’s get the crunching party started !!

Personally, I’ll be trying once again to get to that 10K points daily figure, it’ll take a little effort in keeping the machines tip top at all times, but I reckon I’ll do it :smiley:


I could suspend CPDN for a while and crunch some SETI units for a change. WUs downloaded & crunching started…:slight_smile:

New office server coming on 30th so an opportunity to get some of the WS back crunching. Unfortunately I’m away from 6th September for 3 weeks so doubt I’ll have time :frowning:

I’ll trickle a few in - persuade 'er 'indoors that more machines on means we don’t have to have the central heating on. With the nights starting earlier, ect ect…

She’s not daft tho’ y’know…:wink:

few boxes in, one was folding but i’ll do seti for the team, + this is the first time i managed a smooth install of boinc without the normal i give up and keep folding

nice one - let’s see those numbers start to creep up :smiley:

plans to add the 2.8 xeon that I’ve had idle since moving house into the office this week, no excuses on this one, purely putting in there as a cruncher :chuckle:


I’m finally getting into the daily Big hitters and I’ll soon be starting up a new Dual Core probably next few weeks. Seti Crunching underway.

Congrats on the big hitters list Pablo :thumbsup:

Hmm… I guess I could patch together unused hardware from around the office and put it into “storage” :devil:

*** creeeekkk **** groaaann >>clunk<<

Aye, captain! All resources diverted to SETI :thumbsup:

slowly rising up - Recent average credit 92,482.61

a bit of a milestone on the way up - we’ve now got higher RAC than, we’re up to 17th :woot: :woot:


hmmm will see about reactivating some seti crunching :Plot:

STATUS : RAC = 93K and rising :smiley:

:stomp: warning :woot:

It looks like (looking at BoincStats) we have our first roadkill in sight :woot:

Outproducing TeAm AnandTech by 100K a week, and the gap is now down to 50K :woot:




time for a belated review of the efforts - it would seem we need to raise the bar as that one was WAY too easy, we got over the 100K within the first 8days of the effort, and we kept it there ALL month.

Our current RAC is 107K, and still it seems to be rising, the Folding team is looking long term, so to not get in the way too much - how about raising the bar to 125K RAC by Christmas. Recruiting efforts, additional winter heating :wink: whatever, but we seem to have got the urge to crunch :woot:

Aside from a new challenge - a BIT “way to go team” (can you tell I’m in the usa this week;)) and a yeeehaaaa


Crikey, a quick look around the stats sites and looksie what we have here for our current RAC in Seti :woot:


WOW :smiley:


Yup does look very nice :slight_smile:

I like this dedicated crunching effort for one project… does give TPR a bigger boot to kick the other teams :smiley:

There is also a folding challenge on…with a big prize…

indeed there is - a most brilliant prize :slight_smile: I’ve just put in for next years hardware budget for the dev team :chuckle:

Me and jHorner are likely to split between us the 8x2u dual core2Ghz 4Gb ram machines for seti IF the budget is approved :xfinger: They are that spec as that is what I determined as minimum spec for our product, so we are testing a cluster version with proper hardware :smiley:

Folding will go onto my gfx card once I get a replacement HD for the 30Gb sys disk that failed a few weeks back.


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;402373]Crikey, a quick look around the stats sites and looksie what we have here for our current RAC in Seti :woot:


WOW :smiley:


I can prob get it to 200k on my own if you want it that high ?

go on then… I dare ya!!