PST Sizes

Ahoy, is there anyway I can force .pst file sizes using GPO’s?

As far as I am aware no.

Buggery, we have a few Lusers here who cannot manage their email properly and allow their .pst’s to get to 2.5 GB thus rendering them useless.

I wanted to put in a limit at 1GB.

cant you set a mailbox size in exchange 2003 ?

Yes, but that’s server side. I’m wanting to set the local personal folders at a certain size as well.

I’m pretty sure it can be done with Office 2003 from a custom deployment, and there is a key is GPE somewhere I think that can restrict the size.

I’ll hunt through my favorites.


aha - found in favorites from my old job.;en-us;832925

I implemented this using a logon script being lazy, to just one of the users on the domain who had previously come close to losing the entire pst when using office2000 years before, so I added the “safeguard” to his logon script, basically placing the reg keys in just for him.

I may have the vbscript used somewhere in backups, that server is no longer one I look after, shouldn’t be too hard to implement though.



I gave up and disabled offline use and avoided the need for .psts