Pub meet

Rumours and plans from Sgt Bilko are afoot…

A Mojo Meet, details are in the Facebook thingy but possibly to be hosted here

For those not of the bookery, will do best to get info to here as well.

No dates yet, early stages. Perhaps a poll soon


Mission statement is needed, how well do we know the operative ?

Fireworks ?
Mini-Motos ?
Spud Guns ?
Absinthe ?
SatansBlood ?
Pitching a tent in the dark very pissed and waking up to say " I cant see the pub from here " ?

I no longer have a games PC so would be coming just for the hell of it, could bring a PS3 or two

Need to get Sgt Bilko to sort himself out and get these questions looked at.

I’ll pack up the Oculus for some VR Beatsaber fun - it’s tricky enough sober …

weekend of the 31st August

maximum numbers of 30 - needs names for a list


Yup, just found my way here… anyway, assuming the location in the other post is accurate this is practically on my doorstep so I have no excuses.

I got a Vive which is kinda portable so could bring that too, if you want to have a VR-off. To do room scale it does need a good clear space though.

sounds good - I was going to bring along the Oculus as well

Checking this is still on, if so what are plans?

Sgt will be there from 6pm on Friday until late and then all day Saturday as well.

PMM is here

I’m here - All good, PMM’s here too now

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I made it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The shakedown at the new venue has gone well, new cables installed into the function room and very fast fiber broadband available. DT, Mickey-c, Spud, PMM, Slim are here and we were playing CS-Go earlier.
Food is good.

Will be doing this again shortly ( November maybe ? )

Sorry for not posting this on the forum, just sorted out access and password, thought all the action was on Facebook nowadays - looks like i may be wrong on that, Forum has more coverage by the look of things.

Anyway, the shakedown run has been good, will make it easier for the next one.


It Only 7pm Still time for people to jump in there Cars and get here lol !!!

mixed grill ordered - had to be done!


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Had nice food, met old friends and then shot at them.
Brilliant, just like old times.:grinning:

Ok, missed this one. Where is this “facebook” thing if that helps? :smile:

We were discussing that yesterday and hence why some old faces came back to here.

Next event will be entirely organised on here, but here’s a heads up

Event Starts: 17th November 11am - 18th November 2pm

There will be setup occurring from the Friday night to arrange tables and cables, so people are welcome to arrive earlier. The set times is more for inviting “new” people who are interested in LAN events. There will be a full “advert” of the event detailing the facilities and recommended games to have installed on machines.

But for now - block out that weekend in the diary!


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Are you doing the honour’s DT ?



have 6 ish hours today to spend on a train, plan is to write up an “advert” with details etc on the return journey :slight_smile:

However - there may be beers involved in the meeting I’m travelling to :smiley: