Purple Iris - just popped open

Just budded this morning after waiting weeks and keeping the slugs and snails off of it.

that is lovley well worth the wait :slight_smile:

its not one of those flowers that only blooms once in its entire life, like that one of the film ‘Dennis’ is it?? cus in evolutionary terms, it kinda sucks :slight_smile:

but that flower looks lovly :slight_smile:

Fortunately it flowers every year, but the past two, the slimy little devils have eaten into it, just below where the flower starts growing from. This year, beer traps and chemical warfare kept the little so and so’s at bay. :smiley:

i would be cruel and put somthing down so that i could put a layer of salt down then the slugs and snails wouldnt get near it i think a garden looks nice this time of year with all the bright colours forming (sign) i want my own garden now there is so much you can do with a garden and a lot of hard work too.