PVR streaming to PS3 or something

I’m considering buying a freeview or freesat HD recorder thingy.

Having poked around a few websites and looked at a few spec sheets its apparent that some PVRs have an ethernet port, primarily for iPLayer and the like but there is mention of some boxes (Humax) having support for a DLNA server built in.

What I would like to do is record stuff on the PVR and be able to watch it from a PS3 or possibly PC anywhere on the network.

Has anybody done this ?

Looked into it briefly, I have a Humax HDR-FOXT2 PVR - it has server BUT the files are recorded as .hmt or .ts files if you have Windows XP you’re OK but vista and above media player doesn’t support this file type - There may be a way to view these files but I haven’t tried yet.

Two work arounds install the appropriate codecs - I managed to screw things up, but I’m sure with a little perseverance I could get it to work, or install a player like VLC - works fine.

To be honest I want something that just works without too much tinkering.

Anything troublesome will end up on Ebay or simply find itself unexpectedly in the back garden, in many bits.

The more I read, the more questions seem to arise, I have freeview on the TV already and it seems to work pretty well but some comment has been passed on the available bandwidth for Freeview being limited at times.

Freesat allegedly has better quality HD.

I thought HD was HD ?

So I’m undecided as to Freesat or Freeview at the moment, theres an old Sky dish sitting out front but its only a single LNB so multi channel recording isnt an option without mucking about either


I might just go back to VHS at this rate

I looked at the latest Humax, the HDR 1000 but all the specifications state it will stream media but only from external sources.
This would mean its a DLNA client only then and all the development seems to be focussed on youview, some method of leeching programs off t’interwebs to catch up on programs.

More digging ensued and I settled on a SAGEMCOM RTI95-500 Freeview + HD Recorder.

It has DLNA support and a healthy forum for discussion of faults and features (and it was cheaper than the Humax, Lord Sugar must want his £70 Million back from somewhere)
This thread hinted it could do what I wanted

It doesnt yet have this functionality, but there have been no firmware updates at all since it was released, the first is due this month.

If it works the way I want, that would be grand.
If it doesnt, guess what my mum is getting for Christmas ?