Im doing a HNC/HND Computer Tech support at college at the moment,

And one of the things coverd were assisted and unassisted OS installation,

I got to thinking about this, and I don’t have any issues with doing either,
but what are the main benifits of doing an unassisted,

I presume, that at server level you can setup multiple machines alot quicker unassisted,
but surley, if data isnt correct on a few machines, that can be just as time consuming?

I was just thinking the problems with doing unassisted installation can be alot more frequent.

Or would I be wrong in that.



From past experience it is possible to set up a specific suite of software for a specific machine using active directory and the mac address. I use to image new pc installs over a network this way when working for a company doing weekend installs

On standard kit, unattended installs save a lot of time. You can also package up service packs, drivers, patches, and software.