Does anyone remember the little icon of Yoda we used to have next the URL in the address bar?

What happened to him?

Yes, and I don’t know.

iirc if you saved the forums as a favourite in IE you used to get the Yoda icon but I seem to recall it was ‘flaky’ at best for me.

Whether it has been lost in the change of hosting, upgrades to vBB and/or IE I don’t know :confused:

The standard for having an icon adding to your favorites in IE is to have a root icon called favicon.ico
This is VERY flaky, lots of sites I have in my favourites have at some point lost them. But as you can see, the favicon we have for the forums at the moment would appear to me to be a vbulletin standard, that as Alta says, probably got put there by one of the software upgrade routines.

I’ll see what I can dig out :slight_smile:


Ah, I thought it was Deaky trying to conquer the world with his saxophone avatar. It had somehow tunneled onto my BBC bookmark on my old system, too.