Questions time

OK, so rig in the office, the one and only one that’ll be there is a Dell SC440, the ones that were £99 a while ago.

Mines gone from the stock to a Q6600 and 4Gb ram and it currently has a SMP unit running. I’ve found a place that does PCI-E x8 -> 16 risers/extenders which mean I could also put in the rig a GPU to run, or two if I get a 4->16 as well (in theory)

The issue then comes on height of card, I don’t think there is enough in the case to take a full height card once I’ve put the extender in, I might be wrong and will probably get the extender first and try with my card, but for arguments sake that it doesn’t fit. Will a GF210 hit deadlines?

Taking that completely aside, there’s another issue - I need it to queue units as internet is only there when I am at the moment, my 3G dongle is the office internet! It shares well enough and limits don’t seem to be an issue. Ideas? I know you’re clever people :tiphat:

Let’s get a few more numbers on the Folding board :kickbum:


The GF210 should meet the deadlines as they are normally at least two days , the 8400GS also has 16 shaders and does OK (reportedly 500-600 PPD = 1-2 WUs per day) so it should exceed that. Alas I know of no queuing solution for F@H :frowning:

edit … every GPU I own folds fine on a x4 PCIe 16 slot

cheers Mortlake, so I suppose tomorrow see the real important question, riser card at £12 + postage of craft knife to motherboard pci-e slot!

How have you done yours ?


You could answer this better than me, I don’t have the skills … how about two or more folders/clients , switch between by shutting one down and starting another with some bespoke routine when they complete, transmit/download following day when you’re present?? wouldn’t work weekends of course .

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;455203]cheers Mortlake, so I suppose tomorrow see the real important question, riser card at £12 + postage of craft knife to motherboard pci-e slot!

How have you done yours ?


Sorry should have made myself clearer , I meant x4 bandwidth PCIe 16.
but it has been done on a PCIe 1 slot, see here so should work for any sort .

top news that it definately works :slight_smile: I’ve had a few thoughts about the internet situation, I may just leave my 3g there for the rig to fold, the fiver a month it costs me it’s cheaper than running the box at home :wink:


3g dongle left in the machine in question, as if I do need it the new office is so close I can pop round and get it :slight_smile:

Quad at home has SMP & GPU client running, and I’ve ordered one of these as it would seem the x8 slot in the Dell doesn’t run - it’s a PE-SC440 that started life as a £99 bargain machine, now has a quad, more ram etc etc :smiley: CPU is doing about 1K a day roughly, add a 3k a day GPU and I’m happy :slight_smile:


You should get a bit more than 1K a day on SMP for for a Q6600 - If you’re using a passkey, you have to complete 10 qualifying WUs before deadline and without any EUEs before the bonus plan kicks in , should at least double your current SMP rate. Details here.

passkey will get put on the machine tomorrow, couldn’t find where else to get it when I was rushing today - emailed it from my home rig though now :slight_smile:


converter turned up today :slight_smile: looks like it’ll do the job nicely. Being a nice Dell PowerEdge chassis, the cards are held in with a little flip open jobby. When open the extra height of the converter means no problem with a card.

Thinking along the lines of a green power 9800gt, as I’m not sure on the psu and want to keep extra noise down to a minimum.


A GT240 will give you similar PPD (3.3k) but uses about 20 watts less power

edit. sorry got it wrong Green power 9800GT is about 10 watts less (75 watts)

one of these

  • the green edition 9600GT and the Dell PowerEdge SC440 with a Q6600 now all up and running. Pay as you go 3g dongle on dialup when required and job done.

One new office heater :lol: