Quick check it's not the seti servers ...

I’m having problems with the dev versions of Boinc and need to know if anyone else is experiencing the same.

I have two machines, one on 5.5.6 and one 5.5.9 and I am having problems with both after they have both ran fine with the non-dev releases. I can’t see it being hardware - but need to check.

Problem 1 is uploading units, I don’t seem to be able to upload any completed units from either machine. Both have managed to report units that they have previously uploaded, neither have been able to upload the recent completed units.

Problem 2 - the deadline has not gone yet, yet the units I am crunching have had credit granted and there is a “no-reply” next to my machines :confused:

Problem 3 - one of the machines (5.5.9) is failing a lot of units on validation errors but I am seeing nothing in my logs at all. Other projects are running without a glitch, yet Seti is quite happily messing with 10hours of crunching and binning it :cry:

http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=2526994 is 5.5.6

http://setiweb.ssl.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=2565207 is 5.5.9

neither are reporting any problems, heat is fine, ram is fine - going to try a short units project for a few hours to see how they do with that. I do know that both these version have scheduler changes in the Boinc client, it’s got me stumped - so :help:

Is anyone getting anything similiar ?



Hmm,:chin: seems it’s not just me and that there is also a marked increase in the validate fail units as well. Possibly caused by the upload handler :frowning:

Would recommend most seti users to disable network access. (then I can connect :lol: :sneaky: )


Im runing BOINC 5.4.9 and as of yesterday cant upload any Seti units at all:(

Edit: Just found this on the Seti boards http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=32916

teehee, we linked to the same thread :lol:


I’ve uploaded what I had and turned the rigs off.