Quick html question.

Just finishing off a site for a customer that has a couple of forms on it. After the form is filled in and submitted it goes to a thankyou page with a link back home. What i want to happen is when the link is clicked is for the main window to return to home page but also for another window to open with the terms and conditions page.
Had a quick google but can’t find anything cept maybe a java script which i don’t want to use.
Any way of doing this in html?


I don’t think its an option outside of javascript using the window.open

might be wrong but that’s the way i’ve created popup windows.

all the examples I could find link to some sort of Jscript/java, looks like thats the only way to do what you require.


Did it using 2 seperate links from the php script now. Didn’t want to use java as some people have it turned off or to request opening/using java. Works well enough the way i’ve done it.
Cheers all.