Quick pimp

link required sharpish!

join tpr…is were?..

done me first recruit (or will have em later :wink: )

just need the sign on page



FFS.gonna lose them if ya dont hurry!¬!!!


That would be here i think :confused:


Good thing no-ones life depends on it!!! :rolleyes:

and its all really just SETI

still my first :Pimp: tho and i’m dead proud :banana:


you pimped the chesterfield boys!!!

you the man :smiley: :hail: :Pimp:

Originally posted by lab_boy
[B]you pimped the chesterfield boys!!!

you the man :smiley: :hail: :Pimp: [/B]

Respect! :bounce: Now Dancin, you know what to do next… :banana: :banana: :banana:

welcome to whoever you pimped :wave:

Originally posted by LUC1FER
welcome to whoever you pimped :wave:

1 SETI@Chesterfield - Dancin’ recruited me 21 Jul 2003 10146 10146 Team PR Division 1 37 :slight_smile:

Dancin! No No NO :mad: :smiley:

I was expecting to move off the bottom of Div 8 this morning but you brought in another higher flyer, and the one person I overtook got relegated leaving me at the bottom again.

Please make a habit of annoying me like this :slight_smile:

Who you been taking pimping leasons off then :smiley:

That account is currently not producing, as we’ve split into a team of our own. What I’ll probably ask them to do it sign up here then move our accounts over in the future.

I bring with me: SETI D&C, an easy install SETI application. Basically its just SETI driver & client bundled into one, ready to go when you click transmit, with startup entries. Make’s things a little more convienient if anyone is interested. It’s got a link to OcUK in as well, but nevermind, I CBA to spend a few extra hours getting it recompiled.

Getting my new PC soon - should kick some life back into SETI for me!

Nice Proggy that is /\j C. Good to see another familiar face :wave: Well come over in your own :smiley:

P.s. Nice pimpage Dancin’ :Pimp:

Nice pimpage Dancin!

:banana: :banana: :banana:

Hehe - He basically said to me: “Join TPR” then went on to tell me all the stuff that’s gone on at OcUK while I’d been away - I was rather disappointed at things that happened that night to say the least.

Nice pimp J. Keep em comin’ :slight_smile:

A big welcome to / \j C

Chesterfield Boys :eek: :wink: :smiley:

Hi neighbours for a Sheffield Boy :stuck_out_tongue:

I was having a look at the darxide boards today, and noticed (with a chuckle :smiley: ) that they had lost the veritable WU-mountain that is SETI@Chesterfield. Imagine my surprise to see them defect here too!!

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

/\ j C: so you are the creator of D&C? thanks for the hassle you have saved me from, i’ve use D&C on a couple of installs :slight_smile:

Nice :Pimp: there Dancin. :thumbsup:

Hello :wavey: