quick response required.....

Help needed quickly

Was the technical term used for a required field in a database

i.e. one that if not filled out you can’t progress any further

I know there’s a name for it but it alludes me…

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Believe Accces calls it a required field…

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binding, commanding, compelling, compulsatory, compulsory, de rigueur, essential, forced, imperative, imperious, indispensable, involuntary, irremissible, necessary, needful, obligatory, requisite

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Actually in Access, drezha is correct. It is a required field. From within the design view of the table, for the particular field, there is a line that says Required. If you set that to “Yes”, then something has to be entered into that field before you can go to a new record.

There is also the primary key, but I don’t think that is what you are after.

It was the general term to express really in a business sense something
that needed to be filled rather than a database coding term 1st responce
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Something we needed to get the wording right on in an email going to directors for a proposal to modify an existing Lotus Notes application for a new purpose.

Both myself and planning manager were racking our brains trying for the right word :chuckle:

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