R.I.P. Docking@home

ok bad news docking is dead please read :whiteflag:

Whats next im running seti and malaria,

Treated myself to an 8 core monster, so are we going to concentrate on a particular project if so what? :trophy:
could some one in the know let us know as no units are being sent and systems sat doing nothing!

Just a thought

Im back :smiley:

I’ve been unable to run Docking for a while now due to the 64 bit Win7 issue, so I’m currently running Rosetta, as medical projects appeal to me. I may go back to crunching SETI on one unit at some stage, but Rosetta works fine for me.

I’m down to one cruncher that’s still got about 40 Docking WU’s to finish. I have switched my other crunchers over to SIMAP, with 2 running SIMAP and GPUGRID,

Incidentaly GPUGRID now have a CPU app and GPUGRID is a very similar project to Docking@Home with research into Cancer, HIV/AIDS and neural disorders.

And welcome back Bigsheff!!!

trying to add rosetta to a machine that only ever had docking on it - omg the rosetta servers are slow, been here an hour and it’s not crunching yet and files are coming down at less than 1kb/s

Seti it is then once ive cleared the malaria buffer

Well, my last Docking WU has been crunched… It’s a sad, sad day!!! :frowning:

Ah, that is sad. I really enjoyed Docking.

Time for a new project, Rosetta does seam like a good option.